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Thread: Michigan DA politicizing school shooting tragedy by charging parents

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    Default Michigan DA politicizing school shooting tragedy by charging parents

    Before pieces of shit such as Seran accuse me of defending the shooter, no, the shooter should 100% be charged for multiple counts of murder, should be tried as an adult, and should spend the rest of his life in prison. Shit go ahead and execute the fucker for all I care. This is about the DA politicizing this case.

    There was a school shooting in Michigan last week and the local DA wasted no time to politicizing the tragedy.

    First they charged the shooter with terrorism, even though a charge of terrorism is when the person wants to instill fear into the community or they want to try and force the government to make changes. They didn't even have a motive for the shooting at the time (it's sounding like he was bullied and had mental health problems) and yet they still charged him with terrorism.

    Now the DA is charging the parents with manslaughter and the pathetic reasoning from the DA was because the son was with the dad when the dad bought the gun, the son claimed the gun was his on social media, and because the morning of the shooting a teacher was concerned about a drawing they saw that the shooter had made, the parents were called in to discuss the issue, and the parents didn't ask him where "his" gun is (even though the gun was the father's because he purchased it for himself and even called police later on to say one of his guns was missing), and the parents didn't take their son out of school at that time, even though the school could have just as easily expelled him and forced him to leave.

    So yeah. In other words another Democrat DA is abusing their position to push their political agenda. Gotta make gun owners so scared that they might be charged with murder or manslaughter that they "willingly" give up their guns.

    The amount of reaching from this DA is unbelievable. Hopefully the judge sees through this shit and throws these charges out of court.
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