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Thread: Hurler?

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    I would say take RangerZ's advice. Get your claid swinging days over with, then start using your sonic lance and set the training path up to move into hurled weapons and ask for a returning like weapon before the next event. Hurling for a bard is fairly point heavy and while its a pretty amazing build later in XP its harder to do that then a pure for the first ~75-80 levels or so.

    If you know ruby, then you can use store bought stuff and eblade it before/after every hunt pretty easily. The only thing I spend silvers on are pure potions and deeds from the occasional death.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spraggeth View Post
    Bards cant hurl a sung weapon anymore can they?
    they can, but you have to resing the weapon after every throw.. or i did atleast.
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    I did hurling for a while on my warrior, but found it to be pretty lack luster compared to other attack forms. It worked, it just was not the fastest killing. With Tonis on a bard, it might be pretty good. For my bard, I did polearm when young, then once I had enough mana it's been 1030 all the way. Fastest killing I could do short of using a bow perhaps. Been meaning to try that at some point.

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