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Thread: Giving Shattered a Try

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    Default Giving Shattered a Try

    I've been checking through the posts here on some good advice for the best way to get started up in Shattered, but I had some questions I was hoping I could get answered.

    - Since Shattered is mostly script hunting, something I'm a novice at, is there a character class that lends itself better to this type of environment? I enjoy rogues but am not opposed to trying something new.

    - As the player base is relatively small, is there a town that most people gravitate towards? Obviously I'd like to be able to take advantage of picking/spellup services, especially starting out.

    - Are there any recommended threads on assistance with getting a hunting script thrown together?

    - Any words of wisdom for someone new that shouldn't be missed?

    Thanks in advance all!

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    The landing and Illy are pretty populated. Well, landing was last time I was there at least, couldn't say for sure if it still is.

    Bigshot for hunting. ;bigshot setup will bring up the gui. It's pretty self explanatory, but there are threads on here about it with lots of questions and responses.
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    Never played Shattered so, take this as a fart in the wind.

    As far as I know at least one or more people will give you a free 10M for your first time trying.

    I think, like Plat, there are portals between towns that use a simple monthly ticket system. In that sense, you should be able to freely hunt anywhere you want, and choose your base town arbitrarily.

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    On the note, yeah, there are folks, like me who will give out a 10m note as a welcome to shattered gift to get you started. As for the portal system, you have to have Premium membership to use it I'm pretty sure.

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