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Thread: Mostly weapons, some armor

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    Default Mostly weapons, some armor

    Have the following currently for sale. Rather do silvers than cash, but willing to take cash via verified paypal at $5 per million or current market rate. Reasonable offers considered. If the price seems high, it's probably because it's being used.


    5 pour 8x enchant potions, 18mil or $80 paypal each

    a twisted black branding iron, uses golden wands to heat up and cauterize bleeders, leaving them so they can be healed later without the bleeding, can be used on yourself or other people, causes rt when used, delirium manor jackpot win, 50mil or $225 paypal

    T4 black rose deck, 30mil or $150 paypal


    a +33/10x acuity flaring, T4 nervestaff w/ T5 ensorc and rotflares, 856 difficulty, 600mil or $2.4k paypal

    5x(+25) T3 unlocked parasite staff w/ 10x acuity flares, T5 ensorcell and rotflares, script flare has also been changed to disintegration instead of slash for 50k bs, cost around 750k-800k bs to make, 903 enchant difficulty still doable with potions from DR, 550mil or $2.2k paypal

    7x(+35) T3 unlocked parasite staff w/ 6x acuity flares, T5 ensorc and script flare changed from slash to plasma, 160mil or $700 paypal

    6x(+34) T3 unlocked energy staff lightning script flare w/ disintegration added in regular flare spot, , 150mil or $650 paypal

    +22 fireleaf T3 unlocked sigil staff, T2 dispel script flares w/ T1 dispel flares in the regular spot, double your dispel flare goodness! 100mil or $450 paypal

    8x(+40) Greater Void flaring T5 ensorc lesser mood scripted Illthorn runestaff, 85mil or $375 paypal

    8x(+40) Greater Lightning flaring T5 ensorc lesser mood scripted Ko'nag runestaff, 85mil or $375 paypal

    8x(+40) Greater Void flaring T3 ensorc lesser mood scripted Ko'nag runestaff, 75mil or $325 paypal

    Two-Handed Weapons

    an 8x(+40) perfect T5 ensorc ironwright maul w/ plasma/unbalance flares, 90mil or $400 paypal

    6x(+30) Greater lightning flaring flamberge, easy 7x enchant if you are so inclined, 22mil or $100 paypal


    6x(+30) uac handwraps w/ +10 bubble flares in the script slot, 35mil or $150 paypal


    5x heavily sighted sephwir composite bow, 3mil

    5x heavily sighted sephwir heavy crossbow, 3mil

    5x heavily sighted sephwir light crossbow, 3mil

    5x heavily sighted sephwir short bow, 2mil


    an interwoven series of sanguine-stained leather straps, 8x(+40) T3 ensorc robes w/ +10 to TD/Bolt DS banshee flares for 10 secs, 75mil or $325 paypal

    some 7x vhcp (11 CER, 180 services) +5 TD perm T3 ensorc full leathers, 70mil or $300 paypal

    4x robes w/ ethereal armor script unlocked to T2 for both fluff and defensive tier, 30mil or $135 paypal

    +20 rolaren chain hauberk w/ +10 perm TD, 8mil or $35 paypal

    One Handed Blunt Weapons

    an exotic hammer, +42 enchant(unlocked to +45 for enchanting) hcw(10 CER) T3 ensorc war hammer base, 403 project difficulty still fairly easy, 120mil or $550 paypal

    Enhancives - Perm

    +15 polearm weapon bonus, +11 harness power bonus ora greathelm, 60mil or $280 paypal
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    I'll take
    a tarnished golvern-studded maul, 5x critter found, 500k
    a perfect vultite handaxe, 6x enchanted 4lbs, 5.7mil
    some gleaming vultite metal breastplate, 4x and lighter than standard at 16 lbs, 175k

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    PM sent

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    I'll take the falchion

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    pm sent

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    some items gone, couple more added

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    items gone, more info added on items listed

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    Prices lowered on most items.

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    More items added.

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    7x star gone, some prices dropped.

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