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Thread: Death Pool 2014

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    Default Death Pool 2014

    I guess we slacked at the end of the year. lists close January 3rd 11:59 est. If someone on your list dies between now and then, you'd better have a list post time stamp that is prior to the death.

    1) Each participant must list a 10 person 'active roster' of people you think will die in 2014. Entrants must be semi-well known individuals.
    2) When they die - you get 100 points minus their age.
    3) Bonus points - claim 10 extra points if you are the only person who has the dead guy on their list.
    4) Double Points for dead guys in December 2014 (double the age points, not the 10 solo points). This will make the game interesting with come-from-behind possibilities!
    5) Double Points if you have two entries that pass on the same calendar date. The date in the time zone where the death occurred will be the determinant factor.
    6) Taxi squad - list an extra two people for your 'taxi squad.' - If someone on your list dies, you can move a member of your taxi squad to your active roster. You only get points for your active roster. If someone on your taxi squad dies, too bad.
    7) Deadline - rosters must be dated or last edited by Jan 3, 2014. You can update your roster as many times as you like before Jan 3, 2014. Any late entries must be made in whole (no trickling in your squad), and will place you on a 1 week no point probation period followed by a three week half point probation period.
    8) Scoring - keep your own score. If someone on your list dies, claim the points with a post in this thread, make your taxi squad move at the time of the points claim.
    9) Executions - No one who dies due to the sentence of a court will qualify. Assassinations still count though
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    1. Sam Simon (Simpson's Creator)
    2. Bashar Al-Assad
    3. Jerry Lewis
    4. Prince Philip
    5. Brooke Mueller
    6. Glen Campbell
    7. Ariel Sharon
    8. Muhammed Ali
    9. Wilko Johnson
    10. Mohamed Morsi

    1. Casey Kasem
    2. Barbara Bush
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    1. Billy Graham
    2. Stan Lee
    3. Betty White
    4. Harper Lee
    5. Kirk Douglas
    6. Pope Benedict XVI
    7. Macaulay Culkin
    8. Stephen Hawking
    9. B. B. King
    10. George Bush

    1. Lindsay Lohan
    2. Amanda Bynnes
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    How dare you put Stan lee on a list. Shame on you.
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    1. Michael Douglass
    2. Vince Neil
    3. Barry Gibb
    4. Snooki
    5. Bill Clinton
    6. Willie Nelson
    7. Christopher Plummer
    8. Angela Lansbury
    9. Mario Lopez
    10. Madonna

    Carol Channing
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    1. Christopher Plummer
    2. Kirk Douglas
    3. Queen Elizabeth II
    4. Lindsey Lohan
    5. Barbara Bush
    6. George Bush Sr.
    7. Betty White
    8. Eli Wallach
    9. Christopher Lee
    10. Stan Lee

    1. Angela Lansbury
    2. Miley Cyrus
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    1 Barbara Bush
    2 Dick Butkus
    3 Liza Minnelli
    4 Clint Eastwood
    5 Christopher Walken
    6 Leonard Nimoy
    7 Dick Chaney
    8 Henry Kissinger
    9 Charlie Sheen
    10 Keith Richards

    1 Jimmy Carter
    2 Ozzy Osborne
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    1. Lou Holtz
    2. OJ Simpson
    3. Betty White
    4. Christopher Lee
    5. Dick Van Dyke
    6. Jimmy Carter
    7. Mohamed Morsi
    8. Ri sol-ju (she's gotta screw up at some point)
    9. Jerry Lewis
    10. Amanda Bynes

    1. Lindsay Lohan
    2. Charlie Sheen
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    1. 32983334204809 Alabama fans.

    Suicide counts, right?!

    Taxi1: Random Alabama player.
    Taxi2: Random bragging OKLA fan(s)
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