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Thread: Silvers for sale - 8.50 per million

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    Default Silvers for sale - 8.50 per million

    As sales are completed, I'll bump this thread with the amounts that are available. 8.50 per million, Payment via PayPal gift, delivery to Illistim or FWI preferred, but can get anywhere for a small (chalk) surcharge.

    Currently have 32m available. First come first serve, via either PM or post in the thread.
    -Just Dan

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    10m spoken for, 22m still available.
    -Just Dan

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    10m paid for and delivered.

    18m spoken for, pending payment.

    4m currently available.
    -Just Dan

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    22m currently available
    -Just Dan

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    All gone for now. Will bump the thread when more become available.
    -Just Dan

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