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Thread: Polearm, OHE, Pure, THW Bard Information & Bard Guide

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    Yeah, I've leveled multiple bards with different methods and it never felt underpower or underwhelming to me. Even while leveling a ranged lockpicking bard in plat. I can't imagine anybody needing more than 401, 406, 1003, 1007, and 1010 to destroy at the lower levels and you can level to 40+ basically just doing 1005 > kill...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcostell View Post
    Maybe it's because I started with a bard instead of some other profession, but I never felt this underwhelmingness.

    Certainly felt like bards had an easier time of it at lower levels than pures, and lullabye is just absurdly good if you pick the right creatures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viekn View Post
    Agreed. But unlike rangers and paladins who none of us rely on for much in the way of day to day needs, bards are the loresingers we need to identify the massive number of enhancive items that get released. It would be nice if bards were just a tad easier to level. Maybe we'd have more of them around.
    What's worse is recent changes seem to have made Loresinging more difficult, requiring a higher level Bard than before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    When your first meal is a steak, everything else will taste like an old McDouble.
    Methais really hit the nail on the head. Compared to a pure, where I could quite literally set/forget hunting, and just lollygag in offensive, not worry about anything, bard I actually needed to like, worry about stances, use openers, and engage in combat. It wasn't THAT bad, but I needed to constantly worry about getting hit with my defenses, even when not transitioning hunting grounds. My AS always felt ridiculously inflated versus my DS, so offensively was no problem, even when running songmanager scripts, I always felt like my mana didn't go too far with 1035 being so damn expensive.

    We're talking about a game that was 'difficult' if you were stuck at 4x gear, with no outside spells or anything. We've seen constant gear inflation for 20 years, everyone has everything, nothing is super ridiculously 'difficult' anymore, but comparatively, I've still found bard to be a much harder time leveling versus other classes I've leveled. I mean, there's nothing wrong with McDoubles, they get the job done, sometimes you crave one, it'll satiate you, you'll feel full afterwords, it gets the job done, but, steak is going to be better.

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    Just play a sorc if you want lulz ez mode. They are an obscenity, their GM/guru must really know how to turn up the charm to get some of these rudiculously OP shit passed.

    Wizard if you want this constant fear of being nerfed (but there is room for improvement; but everything seems to be backended aka massive fucking amounts of lore to really feel yourself being powerful.)

    But the best is Warrior. 95% of a warrior's power comes from the warrior guild and you can cap that out before you even title. It's just crazy tedious. But once you get grandmastered everything you hunt your level becomes obscenely simple, especially since a capped warguild skill is like 6.4 slots of a normal cman equivalent.

    If you're smart you can quick level like in a month or less a f2p wizard and cleric to title then use simucoin spell passes to give you a near full spellup anytime. (also remember the f2p boosts allows for spell up passes.) A spelltanked warrior grandmastered in the guild is trololloolololll; in fact, I don't recommend it as the game will just spiral into boring.

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