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Thread: 4x fusion "main" gauche with +6 dex bonus orb and +7 stamina gain orb. Charged.

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    Default 4x fusion "main" gauche with +6 dex bonus orb and +7 stamina gain orb. Charged.

    Yes, the orb is dex BONUS.

    This is kinda rare I'm told. It's an error. You have to use MAIN, instead of GAUCHE, to do things with this weapon.

    basket-hilted azure mithril main gauche (4x fusion)

    Two spherical depressions adorn the azure mithril main gauche, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. The chambers currently hold a rich sunset orange orb, and a radiant dark indigo orb.

    The chamber surrounding a rich sunset orange orb is alive with steady radiance.

    One orb is +7 stamina regain

    The other is +6 Dex bonus

    The weapon was charged today, only used twice.

    I'm assuming the important part here is the dex orb, but I'm selling as a set.

    I'm in landing, will deliver to solhaven and icemule, maybe to EN if necessary.

    Once, twice, sold. Updated every day.

    MB: 3mil rolfard SOLD! BO: 5mil
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    Serious price drop on MB.

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    I'll give this one more bump, then I'll break down and sell separately.

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    BO added until tomorrow afternoon, then I break it down.

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    Will be sold tomorrow.

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