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    [OOC]-Augie: "Don't be so Glum, Corky. There is a bit of Innocenze to the Amethyste studded empaths you see on the list. I mean, things are just Peachie and you're kinda Fonda the empaths aren't ya?"

    Is there an :eyesbleed: icon?

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    Awww stop complaining and have a Picae Celeri.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longshot View Post
    I feel like Backlash is a baby sea turtle in every thread he jumps in- you want to root for the little guy to make it, but you just know he's going to get eaten before he ever tastes the ocean.

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    haha empaths sux
    Space for rent, inquire within.

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    Augie sucks worse than any aformentioned empath.

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    Awww I like most empaths. It was just funny how you can make sentences from their names.

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    I used to have to do something like that every week for the family video store.. Make up a sign using the new movie titles that we got in that week.
    Crystal Tears 24: OMG the man had a package that UPS couldn't deliver.

    PS: How can you not see me post, I'm one of the biggest fucking attention whores on these boards. Christ. -Arkans

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    Speaking for the (predominantly) only healing empath during approximately 6 hours of invasions on Teras last weekend..


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    You should have helped kill things, sissy.

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    Fuck you. And I mean that with the utmost respect allowable by law.

    Actually, Cylla is 26 trains. Considering these bastards were killing Gothique, my place was definitely healing. I enjoyed helping in that way, not to mention getting 35k exp in one day since my XXX Exp mod hit about 15 minutes into the invasion.

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