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Thread: level 75 DE wizard

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    I got neg repped by a troll untill I was way in the red for no reason I love the childern that run around here

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    Do you love the children like a Nittany shower?

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    Honestly, your rep doesn't really matter. The people that frequent the forum will vouch for you when necessary. So the system is really just a way to take shots at people with immunity. Almost all the positive rep I've been given has been signed.

    I'm sure I'll get some just for saying so, and I used to care...but I've been floating around here long enough that people know me and my rep doesn't matter.

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    except when buying silvers for cash.. people who are casual browsers may bypass those with negative rep.. I know of more than one instance this has happened.

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    Those responsible for repping those previously repped have also been repped.

    Sounds like a bad parody of a Monty Python opening.

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    That's not even possible because one or two people cannot tank your rep. They can contribute to you getting dogpiled, but the boards limit the amount of negative rep you can give someone just as they limit the amount of positive rep you can give someone.

    It's more likely you are the troll, and you got repped appropriatly

    edit: yep i was right-
    calling people a "lil Bitch" and crying about your rep is a great way to get even more bad rep.

    A great way to keep a positive reputation is to try to make sure you're a generally positive person- or if you want to criticize someone at least try to be constructive in the way you go about it.
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    added some stuff everything but bounty points if anyone wants to see those too please let me know i can get those for you thank you very much for all your looks and bids

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    would like to know BP's!

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