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Thread: A Night at the Academy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herachio View Post
    Oh, I know it won't happen, doesn't mean we shouldn't complain about it. Simu has always had a lack of respect for their customers but it's just been getting worse as of late.
    Complaining about a few bucks after the fact is pretty petty. I'm not going to disagree with you that sometimes Simu isn't a bastion of custom service gurus, however... That being said, outside of a few big box stores, multinational corporations and Forbes 50 retailers, you're not going to get much in the way of a refund from price drops.

    New shit = Costs more
    When shit isn't so new = Price drops

    This is Econ 101.

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    Even though there were still glitches in the first batch of runs, the price was higher as it was new. You guys got to experience it before there were any spoilers. In order to encourage repeat runs or those of us to run it even though we know what to expect the price dropped. They're simply not getting qty on these runs and that certainly isn't making Simu any money. More full runs would most likely be more fun for the group, more successful, more memorable, more profitable for Simu. If they'd let me signup same day as a run, I'd have already attended at either price. Seems entertaining enough to go at least once.

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    Looking to do a solo run on this. Can the chests be opened without a locksmith, e.g. By Unlock spell or with a key like the Grim chests? Anyone willing to share full spoilers on the puzzles, please PM me. Thanks!

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