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Thread: How to anchor 1020?

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    Default How to anchor 1020?

    My bard is already in his 70's and still haven't anchored. It's been a while since I've had to do this. Total laziness on my behalf. I checked on Kraki, but I'm not seeing exactly what I have to do.. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot.. but anyways, know I have to sing versus wherever I want to anchor. Any help? This is all Krakii is telling me:

    Traveler's Song can be anchored to your favorite inn. This may not work in all rooms within the inn. The process must be repeated if one moves to another town. The proper process and song concludes with a message denoting success.

    Anchoring Messaging
    Successful anchoring:
    You notice a great circle of visible mana form around you and begin to spin, slowly growing closer. It enfolds around you gently like a giant's hand then releases and sinks into the ground below.

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    Default is the thread I used when I needed to do this. To save parsing the whole thing, prep 1020 then sing something like:
    sing I sing to you this song of travelers traveling travel;of an inn named Wayside Inn I want to stay;In order to stay anchoring in this place;An anchor in which I will place;A traveling inn of rest in Wayside Inn Wehnimer's Landing;All it is is rest I traveler require;Now let me finish this song of anchoring;To the crazy landing Wehnimer's Landing;Anchoring anchor traveler travelers traveling
    I forget the exact message when it works, but it was pretty clear.

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    Can't believe that original post is over 5 years old.

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    ;repo download anchor_1020
    go to a room suitable as an anchor room.
    you're welcome?

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    Thank you. <3
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