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Thread: Rescue / raise service on Teras

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    Game is down, must be time for more pix.

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    See, the way this is supposed to work is I post a pic and then someone else posts a pic, and then round and round we go.


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    PC trouble for me again I'm afraid. No Mofuggin raises till I get this thing stable. Think I might need a fromat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhaalizmo View Post
    Think I might need a fromat.
    Best typo ever.

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    Yeah I say it that way on purpose when I'm talking about wiping out a PC. +1 to my amusement.

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    PC is back online. Rescue / raise service on Teras running again. Sorry for the downtime but I think it's all back online and stable now. Only time will tell.

    Mandatory bump bumps.

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    I spoke too soon. The PC still has trouble so it must be hardware if a format didn't fix it. I've got no idea how long it'll take me to track this down so if you don't see me around for awhile, know that I haven't quit I'm just working out the problemo.

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    Updated status on the PC situation, just in case anybody is wondering whether rezz service will still be available on Teras or not...

    After a format and clean reinstall of the OS, problems persist. IRQ_less_than_or_not_equal BSOD problems to be specific. Last night I removed 2 of the 4 DIMMS from my motherboard and ran with half ram till morning. It got a little wonky and gave me another BSOD so I've swapped the RAM I ran last night, for the RAM I had removed and I'll be running it today on that. We'll see how she goes. I really hope it's RAM because if not I'm leaning towards motherboard. Could be CPU trouble too I s'pose, but it doesn't smell like it to me. Anywho, that's the story and I'm sticking to it.

    Rescue / rezz service is up and running right now and I'm working to keep it that way.

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    Update. The RAM was the problem it seems. Aside from the automatic windows update reboot last night, things have been running smoothly for 2 days. Feel free to return to Teras and die.

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    ... still going strong. Even using logmein to monitor my gs computers activity from 350 miles away, the rezz script is running well overnite.

    It's a nice time of year to die on Teras.

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