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Thread: Alchemy Script of Doom!!!1!one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlin View Post
    Recipe list:
    Grot potion
    Starts at rank 13, not 15.

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    Is it possible to get arch wights added to the kill list or is there some way to do this myself?

    Ran into a recipe requiring arch wight skins but the script wouldn't go hunt for arch wights.

    Thanks a million.

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    If you want it to collect wight skins, then that's already in the script, but it's not getting them because there's no tags for arch wight in the map database. Or at least there wasn't. I just added the tags for the graveyard. If you want them in some other town, it's not too hard to add tags to the map database.

    If arch wights regularly drop some other alchemy reagent, let me know what it is and I'll add it to the script.
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    Great, thanks Tillmen. Now to go and read up on adding tags.

    Just for future reference, when adding tags relating to the alchemy script, should the tag refer to the critter or the skin name? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROTOR View Post
    Ran into a small problem do i remove/delete a before-foraging-script?
    It's been a little while.. but I just added this option. You can now do ";alchemy clear before-forage-script" or something similar for the other helper scripts.
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    The starting rank for pale sea-green potions is wrong. It's listed as 12, but it's actually 14.

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    Updated. Thanks.
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    Finally realized why ;alchemy task grind (and in auto mode when this task came up) wasn't working. Dug through the code and the script won't accommodate if you have FLAG SORT on because of the specific text its looking for. Turned the sorting flag off and violins!, it worked. Wish I'd realized that 30 ranks earlier.
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    Is there anywhere I can find an attack script? I have no idea how to write a script and my alchemy is stuck because it says every recipe I could benefit from needs an attack script.

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    So, admittedly I haven't done alchemy in a while, but I've run into a couple issues tonight that seem very off and can't pinpoint why it wouldn't be working right.

    Issue #1: I have a jar of murdroots that ;alchemy won't recognize I have and will instead try to go forage for them.
    Issue #2: There is an extremely painful pause when going from the WL sorc guild garden to the reagent shop to buy flasks of water. It has a 30+ second pause when searching for the trapdoor, then a 30+ pause before going through it.
    Issue #3: When it gets to the reagent shop, it gets as far as pulling the note from my case then freezes indefinitely.
    Issue #4: Recipe calls for 2 murdroot. I have shaken my jar to remove 1. It thinks I have 2 (still not seeing the jar, though).
    Issue #5: Gets as far as getting said murdroot from my alchemysack, but freezes indefinitely when it needs to get my mortar to grind it up.
    Issue #6: Missing something it sees I have??? (Crystals are in a jar as well)
    >;alchemy make black vial of dye
    --- Lich: alchemy active.
    black vial of dye
          flask of clear water              -
          some ground murdroot (2)          -
          ayanad crystal                   64
          some alder bark                   -
    cost: 64   time: 0:01:57
    [alchemy: starting in 3 seconds...]
    [alchemy: error: missing ayanad crystal]
    --- Lich: alchemy has exited.
    Issue #7: Hanging up when getting cauldron out.

    Update: So on a hunch, I decided to turn ;uberbar off as a fav as it seems to act wonky for me with my loverly capped characters. When I did, ;alchemy worked wonderfully as it's supposed to. That being said... WHY did I have to do that to get it to work?
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