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Thread: Alchemy Script of Doom!!!1!one

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    Bottling "strands of seaweed" changes it to just "seaweeds" which makes the script not recognize that I do, in fact, have the seaweed. Can we update this, please?

    Also, ogre teeth are not being recognized when bundled, only when they are separate as ogre tooth. Can we get it to recognize bundles, please?
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    When i run Alchemy it takes about 10 minutes to either tell me what i need or just to start running the script. is there anything i could do to speed this up?

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    if contents_line =~ /There is nothing on there\./

    needs to become

    if contents_line =~ /There is nothing on/

    Since "there" can be returned from the game as "shelf", hanging the script on a grind-for-the-guild task.
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    Sisfu potions recipe may be wrong, I am trying to confirm this. Wiki entries seem to indicate there is a missing 'infuse' and 'boil' steps that need to be added.

    :steps => [ 'light', 'add flask of clear water', 'add some ground ayana', 'add some ground ayana', 'add some ground ayana', 'add some essence of water', 'add some essence of water', 'add some essence of water', 'chant 925', 'add some faintly radiant dust', 'add some faintly radiant dust', 'infuse' 'refract moonlight through diamond lens', 'boil', 'seal' ],
    Above is the changes I believe should work properly, based on

    I should just be able to save this change to the alchemy-recipes.lic , run it inside the client, and then try and make the potion correct?

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    I'm getting a strange response all of a sudden - the script stops on jar, auto, etc after either adding water to a cauldron, pulling a jar out of my alchemy sack, or purchasing a flask of water. Any thoughts?

    **Update - figured it out. My alchemy sack was a scripted container, and was causing some sort of error. We can't use scripted?
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    I just got the attack script from post 27. I'm also using loot. It seems to be moving rooms before skinning. Any help?

    start_script 'loot' unless running? 'loot'
    target_list = GameObj.npcs.find_all { |npc| script.vars[1..-1].include?( and (npc.status !~ /dead/) }
    if target_list.length > 2
    cast 709
    elsif target = target_list[rand(target_list.length)]
    if target.noun == 'kobold'
    cast 705, target
    elsif == 'forest troll'
    cast 705, target
    cast 702, target

    start_script 'loot'
    wait_while { running?('waitloot') }

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    You didn't mention if you've also got the waitloot.lic script which is what will make it wait for loot to finish.

    That may be the problem?

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    ahh thanks!


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    For some reason the script is not buying green starstones from the Teras alchemy shop, not sure about the other color, I forget which one that is. I can manually buy them then the script will run perfectly but it will not actually purchase them.

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    The recipes list is missing the recipe for minor mana regeneration potion.

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