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    I agree with DaCapn completely. I also admit that I am a pretty big script writing noob. I'm trying to pick it up where I can and with not a lot of time on my hands as it is I'm at the mercy of those that help out. And they generally do a ton!

    I still haven't figured out the sloot thing but I've been tinkering with it for over a week now so it's almost time I asked. Thanks to Tillmen, Spiffy, Brute, CRB and all the other people that help out when we lesser beings have no clue. You are the reason I can still play this game and I appreciate it VERY much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tordane View Post
    That is true. I didn't recommend this because this leads to our current problem of clusterfuck repository.
    The huge issue is, alot of scripts up there are old, and just need to be removed. But technically, i guess you'd need the creater's permission to do so...Which is a problem in itself if alot don't play.

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    I'd like to see a website designed and implemented that allowed a wiki-style approach to scripts. The ;repo script would read the release versions of the scripts and download them to a 'scripts\repository' folder. All updates to the scripts in the repository folder are automatically downloaded. However, don't get moved to use until approved by you ("Uberbar has been updated with the following comments - "changelog: fixed issue with green bars turning red" - do you want to replace the working copy?" yes - Uberbar has been updated live. etc)

    Script is uploaded to the wiki by person A.
    Person A always has access to update the script at any time.
    Person B (fellow coder) comes in and makes a change to the script, it goes into a update status. Person A can approve the change, updating the script to the new code. He can disapprove the change, or disapprove it and effect a similar change in a different way.
    Person C (non-coder) comes in and starts a change request ("it'd be nice if you could change the colors to whatever you wanted"). People can vote up or down the change request or comment on it or the script in general.

    One can go in and read all the comments for all the scripts, and sort them. So you can find the most voted up changes, make the change to the script, attribute the change comment, the owner then approves it, closing the comment as resolved, or mark it resolved himself with his own code change (or mark it impossible, etc).

    Any script inputted by a user who hasn't logged in for 90 days becomes public domain, able to be modified by consensus.
    Updates made, instead of going to the creator to be approved, are approved by a 7 day vote by the people by an 80%+ majority, or Tillmen and select 'trusted officers' can just override and approve or make the change without voting.

    You get different levels based on how often your code changes are accepted, declined, number of scripts uploaded, how often you update your own scripts and how highly your scripts are rated by the users.

    so ya... it's some work to set it up, but it'd be cool once it was up and running. Somebody get on that. LOL
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    I know you made this easy, but it must be pointed out:

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathravin View Post
    At any rate. If you don't want to code. That's fine. Shut the fuck up. If you don't want to fix it - again, shut the fuck up.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheEschaton View Post
    Are our lives now so fragmented and depersonalized that things we should already be doing, like saving those in danger and feeding the homeless, have suddenly become the actions of heroes?


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    OOH, trolling... I'm in!

    Reason to share scripts:

    Because something can be gained by the script's author. I'm totally guilty, upickbot2 takes you right to where I'm pickbotting, when I'm pickbotting. grguild is only because there was no other way to get people to master the guild in Shattered so I can get master status eventually. <pokes>

    Reason not to share scripts.

    Because a few people are whiny, unappreciative, rude, vulgar, and stupid. The very worst of those being stupid. Bottom line, if you're asking someone something, you need something from them, ACT LIKE IT. You'll get better results that way.

    There's a right way and a wrong way to ask someone about work they've done. There's also a right way and a wrong way to accept whatever answer you're given, even if it isn't the answer you wanted. No means no for reasons you might not understand. Special cases like scripted items or unique builds are often hard to account for in a script.

    At bare minimum, you BETTER have read the script's comments that start the script. A lot of questions can be avoided that way. If it's a major script, it might have a thread here on the PC. Even still, a quick search to make sure never hurts. OH, and I wouldn't mention this if it didn't happen. If you're using a computer, you should know how to open a text editor, then find, open, change, and save a file with it.

    From a writer's perspective, "instructions" are a pain in the ass, and a waste of time, a LOT of time. If you think the author of the script added those for their own benefit, you're rudely mistaken. So read them, and appreciate them.

    Lastly, it is in no way anyone's obligation to share anything with anyone, including Tillmen. Appreciate that some people deal with the barrage of PMs, and IMs in order to provide better scripts for YOU. Appreciate the time between the writing and the testing and the researching, and debugging and the retesting that went into those scripts that you take for granted.

    This is America, we speak English here, learn the language, or at least the basics.

    This is Lich, we speak Ruby here, learn the language, or at least the basics.

    In memory of Ken "Zzentar" Dumas.


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    So 10 years later, now I am a software developer, and I must say I learned a lot in this thread about software, users and developers.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheEschaton View Post
    Are our lives now so fragmented and depersonalized that things we should already be doing, like saving those in danger and feeding the homeless, have suddenly become the actions of heroes?


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