[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Calidus: panding back in town"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Calidus: maldric just bigshot-slammed at room 475 from pandin"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Calidus: ..."
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: 221"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: 221"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: pandin at n gate"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: sigh"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Katze: I dun understand why you guys are havin such a hard time with the tree hugger...."
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Madmountan: hes never visible"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Katze: so ewave him...surely one of you has 10 ranks in MIU"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: what the FUCK"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: i was there and sancted"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: i typed kill bigshot 3 tiems"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: and is till fucking ran me off, breaking hte sanct"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: what the fuck"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: can i get an empath to N gate?"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Katze: he spamming spike thorn?"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: calidus literally has 1 hp left"
[Spy]-GSF:affy: "Maldric: 1."