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Thread: Bigshot: The New Optimus Prime

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    Is it possible to make Bigshot cast a spell if you're at or below a certain amount of mana? I want to make it leech things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobek View Post
    Is it possible to make Bigshot cast a spell if you're at or below a certain amount of mana? I want to make it leech things.
    Make an attack script.

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    Having issues with using multiple accounts. I set up everything as recommended, same hunting/flee settings, partied up, ;bigshot tail then ;bigshot head on leader, etc... I'm pretty sure it's just my connection, getting the following:

    --- Exception: druby://owner-PC:52748 - #<Errno::ETIMEDOUT: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. - connect(2)>
    C:/Ruby-1.8.7-p352/lib/ruby/1.8/drb/drb.rb:736:in `open'

    Has anyone else see something like this and been able to see it? I tried tinkering with the code, just not making much progress.

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    Are you running the accounts on the same computer?

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    I was running them on different computers, but same network. Finally got them running on the same computer (lich was acting up yesterday) and it all seem to be working fine.

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    Yeah, as you've seen, druby won't work across the network.

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    Am I right in my assumption that there is no way to get bigshot or wander to work in The Rift? That is of course without it using stairs and threads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    Am I right in my assumption that there is no way to get bigshot or wander to work in The Rift? That is of course without it using stairs and threads?
    There are really three issues with movement in the rift:
    (1) Getting rifted (make a helper script that checks room criteria, pauses bigshot and runs you back to a known location, then unpauses it).
    (2) Avoiding the threads/stairs with wandering routines.
    (3) Avoiding voids (yeah... sort of like (1)... you may want to modify bigshot and have a look at how the avoid clouds setting is used but that doesn't help if you're in the neighboring room)

    For (2) a little creativity is required. One way to do it would be to basically use the solution for (1). But you'll experience this hack popping up more than you'd like (quite likely to your detriment). A more elegant approach would be to edit the movement routine in bigshot to account for the thread/stair movement. What you want to do is set up a little logic that inspects your next movement, then, if it involves stairs/threads, instead move in a cardinal direction. The map database will store waytos (you might call them "routes") in two forms that I know of: (1) strings, such as "west" or "go door" and (2) procs, which are required for complex movement such as the puzzle to get into the rift, movements that rely on lich settings, or movements that require empty hands, etc. String manipulation is straight forward but direct inspection of a proc is a little different. If the wayto involves a proc, you must use the inspect method to view the list of calls in the proc. I don't know what the waytos are like up there so you may run into either.

    This should give a rough idea of what sort of thing I mean (by the way, if route is of the string type, route.inspect will return a string just fine, but I thought I'd show it this way because you may want to discriminate between proc and string waytos):
    route = Room.current.wayto(next_room)
    if route.class == String and route =~ /stair|thread/ then route = checkpaths[0]
    elsif route.class == Proc and route.inspect =~ /stair|thread/ then route = checkpaths[0]
    This sort of trick may be handy in other circumstances. I haven't worked all of this into bigshot yet myself since I haven't been backed into that corner (necessity is the mother of all innovation and all that), but that's basically how I would do it. Whatever you end up doing, you'll have to monkey around a bit first.

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    My little scattered guy had almost same issues in vesperti as voids, I added this to the cloud check of Bigshot:
    if GameObj.loot.find{|item| item.noun == 'tempest'}
    sleep 2

    almost positive that works on voids in the room, if you replace 'tempest' with 'void', wont dispell them but will bounce them away
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    Has anyone modified or willing to post a setup for bigshot to work in a group in warcamps? I have it working just fine solo as long as you stand outside the area where the path is detected. Thanks to everyone who helped me with that piece.

    Basically what happens in a group is that you have the commands to walk into the path and then it just stops. Solo it walks into the path and launches go2 to go to the room number of the first room, says you are already there, and then starts killing. In addition, once it has detected I am fried go2 doesn't know how to get out of the warcamp and back to the resting room.

    Mostly, I just like the ability of bigshot to program targets and different killing methods while in a group. I can handle the getting in/out fine as I am not running this afk. I am just drawing a mental block on how to use the tool once I am inside. As always if someone has a totally custom solution they have coded I am not unwilling to compensate you for your time.
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