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Thread: Lich?

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    Default Lich?

    Psinet fucked me up, i hear alot about lich.
    Anyone got AIM and wana talk about lich... i really want to know more about it, shit i dont even have the webcite handy..

    Please PM me with your AIM if ytou have a couple moments to spare in educating me about lich

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    lich it up

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    seams i have it downloaded and installed now, but getting an error about cant find the script file, the directory its looking for does not even exsist.. cant seam to be able to remap it.. HELP

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    Now that I think about it, that sounds awfully familiar. I'm guessing you did not extract, but instead used the Windows Explorer to look in the file and double-click on lich.rbw. Windows then extracts lich.rbw all by its lonesome to a temporary directory and runs it, and then deletes it. Use 7-zip ( It's a great open source file archiver that supports all sorts of formats.
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