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Thread: Help w/ go2

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    Default Help w/ go2

    --- Lich: go2 active.
    [go2: ETA: 0:00:03 (9 rooms to move through)]
    --- error running mini-script: 4583 -> 4584
    C:/Program Files (x86)/SIMU/Lich/lich.rbw:501:in `initialize': Insecure operation - initialize
    --- Lich: go2 has exited.

    It's been crapping out in the middle of the CoL puzzle in Solhaven.

    I thought it might be a trust thing but:

    --- Lich: trusted scripts: updater, infomon, lnet, narost, repository, go2

    So, yeah. What?

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    All the mini-scripts run as untrusted, because an untrusted script can change the map database, and a trusted script could end up running whatever the untrusted script wants.

    For now, I suspect you can get around this error by disabling caching the server buffer to disk. That setting is in the options tab on the main Lich window. I'll look for a real fix when I get back to my computer in a few hours.
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    OK, certainly worth a try.

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    Lich 4.1.12 is up, which should fix this problem.
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