Just a repository of some ideas I have for Lich scripts. If you like them and can program, please make it happen.

Warcamp/Invasion GUI:
I was in a group hunt in a warcamp the other day and I was thinking about how to improve situational awareness. Would it be possible to write a script to be used in invasions/warcamps and similar situations that would graphically display your group status and enemy status. You'd need two sets of art work (standing dude, prone dude, standing enemy, prone enemy) and maybe a colour palatte swap, that's it really.

If you were in a group of eight other people it would display eight figures with their character name below them, then if they are proned/stunned it would change the picture to graphically display that.

On a bar below that is would have the same thing for the number of creatures in the room, it would show the creature's type and if they are proned or stunned and if possible prepping a spell.

It would be even better if you could click on the person/critter and have it do a pre-defined action. Like if you click on a stunned person it has you automatically attempt to cast unstun on them or start dragging them. Same thing with creatures, it could have you take a default action, either attacking or casting a spell at the one who perhaps wasn't knocked over the the ewave or whatever.

Swing timer
This would probably be better as two scripts. One script that times the average seconds between each swing from a critter. The second would have a GUI that would start a countdown every time a critter swung so you would have an idea of how much time before their next action.