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Thread: Script Request for Wizard FE users

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    Default Script Request for Wizard FE users

    If one of you has some free time, could you please make a simple stay-on-top GUI stamina bar? Wizard FE lacks one and it's a bit of a pain for us GoSers.

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    staminabar.lic is on the repository if anyone else is interested.
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    It's awesome. Move it to where you want it, then right click it to pare it down to just the bar.

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    I have another request, which I suspect will take all of 5 minutes to code. ;Sloot is awesome, but I often only want to pick up one item out of large pile, like if I've been clearing out a warcamp for a while. Could someone replicate psinet's GRAB command? You GRAB <item> and it will pick it up and place it in the correct container based on its type. It's basically sloot for 1 thing.

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