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Thread: Ultimate autobot script package

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    Default Ultimate autobot script package

    Looking to get a few scripts overhauled and taught to play nicely together, offering $50 or 5 million silvers (must have a paypal account to take the cash option)

    This is what I'm looking for
    Add or fix the following, mostly starting from Optimus
    Group hunt option, need to recognize members of your group so you will attack when they are in the room, also need to kill wander when you are following in a group.
    heal option right now useheb activates when you go to rest, I want to have it set so if I'm bleeding or below a settable health level it runs to an empty room and uses useherb. then moves if a critter walks in. if possible have it so that the run and heal version only does herbs for bleeding and health points, ignores non bleeding and scars until you go to rest. Also would like to add sigil of mending to useherb
    Scaled down version a way to fight just one critter or group of critters in the room I happen to be in as in ;scriptname target would then run the fighting part of optimus with out being in a full hunt mode. For things like annoying critter in the room you're foraging in.
    Set mana to 0 would not rest or wait to hunt due to mana
    set experience to 100 Would just keep hunting even when fried, for things like warcamps were I just want to keep going and not stop to rest.
    notice things like GAS CLOUDS and run
    notice when a wand is out of charges, discard it and get a fresh one from specified container
    Add options to autoforage so you can just grab one of each type of herb instead of 50 bites or you can go for just one specific herb at either one find or 50 bites
    Fix the wait for swing option so that it does checks while your waiting and doesn't leave you sitting there if something other then the critter swinging at you happens
    Fix Sloot2 so that the skinning option doesn't cause you to replace your weapon with the first item you pick up from a search after skinning
    Add a lock on option so that if your fighting a critter and another critter walks in you finish off the critter you were fighting instead of moving on to the newest first

    Now this is how I picture this working
    You have an overseer type script, names don't matter but staying with the Autobot theme I'll call it Sentinel for this example.
    So sentinel can be added to favs and will stay running
    With sentinel running you can type setup and it will bring up a setup box for the scripts sentinel is going to control
    There would be Tabs for Optimus, Jazz, Ratchet, Trailbreaker, Grapple
    These scripts would be:
    Optimus(Basically the optimus you have now, fixed and with the group options) You should be able to set this up in the options with you rest mana and experience set how you like it normally. The with sentinel running and the options set you can type autohunt to just start up Optimus as it is now or you can type hunt now to have sentinel start a hunt with optimus immediately (basically setting mana to 0 and exp to 100 for you for just that hunt), or you can type ghuntj to put optimus in mode to hunt with the group your currently joined to or ghuntl to set optimus to start a normal hunt with whoever is joined to you
    Jazz would be the stripped down version of optimus, once it was setup in sentinel you would simply type at (target) and sentinel will start jazz targeting that critter
    Ratchet would be the updated version of useherbs and would be set to move you to an unoccupied room when you are bleeding or below a certain health and run automatically, but typing heal would start this process at anytime if sentinel is running
    Trailbreaker would be the updated version of autoforage and would be setable in sentinel to the 50 bites or one cluster and all or just certain options, then typing forage with sentinel running would start it
    Grapple (is just the fixed version of sloot2 doesn't need to be renamed was just staying with the theme) Basically this would be set to run when you kill anything just on sentinel for the setup options so you don't have to run it seperately to set it up.

    Ok I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but this gets you an idea what I'm looking for and we'll see if anyone is interested in doing it

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    Ok thought of two of those things I was forgetting

    For the sloot script make it so if the box won't fit in the designated container it cycles through all containers to stow it, if it won't fit in any have optimus go to rest spot and shut down.

    Add feature to optimus (and jazz) so that if I'm fighting a critter and it moves instead of restarting wander I follow the critter

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    Ok no takers at $50 or 5 million so I'm doubling it, $100 or 10 mil (still need paypal account to take the cash) Email me at if you can do this)

    Also another forgotten idea or changed idea

    for the foraging and use herbs scripts I'd like to see it setup in Sentinel so that you can choose to forage your herbs with autoforage or buy them with healherb.
    so basically you should be able to set it so when your on a hunt if your bleeding or below a cerin health useherb finds an empty room and heals only bleeders and health and when your resting it heals everything. Then you can either have autoforage set up to keep yourself with 50 bites of everything or just one set of everything. Useherb would then be set to use either herbheal or autoforage so if your healing and you are missing the herb it either pauses and runs to forage it or buy it.

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    I can throw another $50 into the pot for this. Things I am most interested in are the group option, the gas cloud recognition, wand usage recognition, and the finish the current target before moving options.
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    I will do this.

    But it will have to be all bad guys.

    Decepticons mobilize!

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    I don't care what you call it as long as it works, I swear Optimus and Megatron know when I smoke. I'll be sitting here going in and out of Hunts for an hour then I get up to catch a smoke come back and I'm being talked to by the person trying to raise me or heal me, everytime.

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