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Thread: LNet

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    Apparently, Lich is trying to use the WINE registry to find out where the WINE binary is. It writes the location in the registry when you install it, because when Lich is launched by SGE, it uses SGE's environment, which has been cleaned out by WINE, and Lich can't find WINE using which... or something to that effect. I'll fix it.
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    Great. Thanks for all the help. Do you suppose that had anything to do with the thoughts trouble?

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    No.. probably not.
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    Is there something going on with lnet right now? Things were fine until somewhere around 11:30, give or take 15. Basically, I seem to be getting messages from lnet, but can't send anything to lnet. I believe other people are having similar problems. I get the impression that for some people it is intermittent based on some of the messages I see being sent. I seem to be permanently unable to send messages.

    EDIT: Sometimes the message does actually seem to go through, but it isn't echo'd back to me.
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    It should be working now.
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    I think Lnet may be broke again, there are some 23 people logged in I haven't heard anyone say anything in over 2 hours. I went on and asked if everyone was just being this quiet or if it's broke again and got no answers
    Could be everyone is just ignoring me :: But then again maybe it's not working right again so thought I'd post so someone who knows more then I do could look into it.

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    Nevermind seems some people woke up

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