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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    re: alicorn

    Bought a char from him, took a couple days longer than I expected, got a little paranoid; came through with the char no problems.

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    Sergey was always very fast and reliable with deliveries, Onurb was able to work around my not being able to play due to my deployment by delivering to a person that I am trusting to hold some things, and AestheticDeath is being very understanding of my situation and is going out of his way to work with me on multiple purchases that I am making and will be picking up when I am back in the States. I highly reccomend all 3 of them.

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    I have dealt with both Onurb and Composer, both have been very good sellers to me.

    Got scammed slightly by slipping on a character purchase, though.
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    fallenSiant is a stand up guy! Kitsun is le boooo thou ;P
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    Well as of today, still no contact from Alicorn. I can only assume that he isnt interested in following through with the transfer of the lvl 44 bard i paid for. Just be wary. If something changes i'll be sure to update my post.

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    I've bought armor from Tsin at a decent price and it was delivered without incident. I wouldn't vouch for the guy, but I never had any qualms with him.
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    Don't buy from Augie, she sucks...oh wait um...I mean -- buy all my shit when I open my accounts back up!

    Ardwen, Wadsworth, Sergey, Fallen, fallenSaint, Kitsun, Satira, allen, Jolena, Stunseed - they all rock.

    Tsin - he has his good and bad moments. I haven't ever gotten scammed by him, but I also shop smart. He's got good shit, you just have to be willing to deal with some BS that goes with it.
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    I had a friend of mine have a bad dealing with Composer.

    Basically it came down to Composer owing the rest of a balance of 15M(Or some such) and he didn't pay for 6months+. Finally my friend had to refund the initial partial payment and get the item back from him after several discussions.

    During that 6 months Composer was seen to be buying and selling several items (over 5M range). So it wasn't a matter of not having the coins, which I could understand, but not wanting to.

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    If there was a doubt (which I doubt -- if that makes sense) ...

    Kitsun = Awesomesauce

    Fast delivery, no problems

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    Kitsun DOES rule.

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