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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    evasive1 solid as well. I hope you enjoy those items.
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    Smooth transaction with zazulu, tyvm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter View Post
    Smooth transaction with zazulu, tyvm
    Thank you for the quick and professional transaction, Winter.

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    Winter was fast and swift, like that of a hawk...And even mentioned the silly overseas fee PayPal charges!
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    Quick, smooth transaction with Gizmo thx!

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    Lovely transaction with Tash, I highly recommend!
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    Ditto, good transaction with Tash.
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    Very good experience with Liquiddrool recently. Don't let the red bar under his name stop you from dealing with him.

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    Good transaction with Markx.

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    Swift transaction with Allen. Would definitely recommend him for other endeavors !
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