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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    Great transactions with bluecenterlight and Sh4Brains.
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    Had a major enchant project done by tyrant-201. It went as smoothly as you could hope for. Great transaction. Thanks!
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    Doubt anyone will be shocked, but just completed a smooth transaction with Naelan.

    I won the auctions almost a week ago and had an insane week at work, couldn't connect with him until today, and he was very cool about it.

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    Quick pick up and smooth transaction with Leushen.

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    A pleasure doing business with Megadeth
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    Did some fairly large business with Red. He was a pleasure to work with, went above and beyond to accommodate me. To be trusted!

    Also, Roblar's awesome too!

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    I've had a couple excellent (and large) transactions this week. Nice, friendly transactions and communication with both SourD (or the artist formerly known as SourD) and Luntz.

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    Quick and easy exchange with Oldskool, same with SourD on purchases as always a great customer, thanks.
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    Had an 18mil transaction with Eurial, would buy from him/her again.

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    Great transaction with Roblar for 5m, would buy from him again.

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