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Thread: Immigration bill fails key test, is withdrawn.

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    I had no idea Seran was such a raging racist.
    I did.


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    There will be no war when guns are more regulated.
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    "I originally created an additional account back in the day to mess with the reputation system" Rep system came in 3 months later...
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    Well tell that to the Naval hospital that issued a birth certificate labeled Ft Lejeune ... and then typed it in.
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    3 million more popular votes. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves. Gerrymandering won for Trump.

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    WASHINGTON (AP) -- A broad immigration bill to legalize millions of people unlawfully in the United States failed a crucial test vote in the Senate Thursday, a stunning setback that could spell its defeat for the year.

    The vote was 45-50 against limiting debate on the bill, 15 short of the 60 that the bill's supporters needed to prevail. Most Republicans voted to block Democrats' efforts to bring the bill to a final vote.

    The legislation, which had been endorsed by President Bush, would tighten borders, institute a new system to prevent employers from hiring undocumented workers and give as many as 12 million illegal immigrants a pathway to legal status.

    Senate Majority Harry Reid, D-Nevada, who had made no secret of his distaste for parts of the bill, said he would withdraw it but keep working toward eventual passage.

    "I, even though disappointed, look forward to passing this bill," Reid said. But he said he needs help from the White House.

    "This is the president's bill," Reid said. "... We can't do it alone over here. We need some help."

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, urged Reid not to give up on the legislation, but allow debate on amendments to continue in order to resolve the objections of conservative senators.

    "This is a complicated bill, but the key to passage is not complicated," McConnell said.

    McConnell said all that's needed is a "reasonable number of additional roll-call votes" on amendments.

    "We're not that far away from being able to get cloture on the bill," he said.

    Conceived by an improbable coalition that nicknamed the deal a "grand bargain," the measure exposed deep rifts within both parties and is loathed by most GOP conservatives.

    Most Republicans voted against ending debate, saying they needed more time to make the bill tougher with tighter border security measures and a more arduous legalization process for unlawful immigrants.

    All but a handful of Democrats supported the move, but they, too, were holding their noses at provisions of the bill. Many of them argued it makes second-class citizens of a new crop of temporary workers and rips apart families by prioritizing employability over blood ties in future immigration.

    Still, they had argued that the measure, on balance, was worth advancing.

    "We can all find different aspects of this legislation that we differ with," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the leading Democratic architect of the bill.

    ..the rest of the story is available at the above link.

    America has rallied against the attempt by Congress to introduced bipartisan socialism to the United States and said loud and clear, "We don't want you."
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    MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN)
    -- Mexico has announced plans to raise tariffs on almost 90 U.S. exports, Mexican and U.S. officials confirmed Monday.

    The new trade measures are in retaliation for the cancellation earlier this year of a U.S. commercial trucking project and will target U.S. industrial and agricultural products delivered to Mexico, Mexico's state-run news agency said.

    Mexico's Economic Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Mateos called the cancellation of the program a breach of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the agency said.

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the trucking project was killed in the 2009 omnibus appropriations bill, but President Barack Obama has asked his administration to create a new program.

    "Congress has opposed the project in the past because of concerns about the process that led to the program's establishment and its operation," Gibbs said.

    The project allowed a small number of Mexican trucks to enter the United States beyond the normal commercial zones, and allowed some U.S. trucks the same privilege in Mexico.

    Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, warned that the Mexican action would harm American businesses.

    "Unfortunately, this is a predictable reaction by the Mexican government to a policy that now puts the United States in clear violation of the North American Free Trade Agreement and was inappropriately inserted into the omnibus appropriations bill," McCain said after learning of the Mexican government's plans.

    McCain said Washington "must take steps to prevent escalation of further protectionist measures -- actions that only serve to harm American business during these tough economic times when these businesses need a worldwide marketplace to prosper."

    "This is another reason why the president should have vetoed the omnibus spending bill," McCain added.

    Mexico's intentions to raise tariffs on U.S. goods "is an absurd overreaction to the shutdown of the unsafe cross-border trucking pilot program," Teamsters President Jim Hoffa said.

    "The right response from Mexico would be to make sure its drivers and trucks are safe enough to use our highways without endangering our drivers," Hoffa said in a statement issued by the union. "The border must stay closed until Mexico holds up its end of the bargain."


    Two words; fuck Mexico.

    A country which has literally been kept alive by the mercy of it's northern labor and the massive amounts of fund wired back to it's ailing economy. This country has for too long bit the hand that's fed it, and I'm sick and tired of the coddling that goes on between the Republican's babying them with the extremely uneven NAFTA, and the Democrats courting the Hispanic vote.

    It's time for the United States to export all of it's illegal immigrants, secure it's cultural heritage and embrace the English language as the only Federally recognize language to be taught in it's halls.

    Fuck Mexico.
    Why do you hate Mexicans?
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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman. I'm diagnosed with cancer. I'm a human being.
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    So here's the deal- I am just horrible

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