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Thread: World of Warcraft News

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    Default World of Warcraft News

    Announcing the Gadgetzan Times! - Blaze on 2/3/06

    Hitting newstands around Azeroth is the latest, most informative and entertaining magazine in all of Azerothian history: the Gadgetzan Times! Published by Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks, the Gadgetzan Times will bring the far reaches of the world right to your doorstep. From the Plaguelands to Tanaris, and everywhere in-between, the hard-working goblins will be filing their reports and interviews with the head office, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for interesting, provocative, humorous, or just plain quirky stories. Pick up your copy of the Gadgetzan Times today!

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    Now if I can just find a place to host it that won't be blocked by Websense.
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    mildly amusing. too true. I always set freezing traps near alliance side entrance of gadgetzan =D

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    Default Murlocs Revealed

    Murlocs revealed! - Frost on 2/22/06

    Shrouded in mystery, the murlocs have shunned mortals, congregating in shoreline tribes and villages. Far older than most believe, some evidence suggests that their steady encroachment of the world's land masses may be a coordinated effort which belies their reputation as unintelligent creatures. Could it be that the recent emergence of the murlocs and naga from their watery abodes is evidence of the awakening of something far more terrifying in the murky fathoms? Learn more...

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    Too cool.
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    Priest Talent Changes Unveiled! - Eyonix on 2/23/06

    Have you been wondering what the new 31-point Holy and Discipline talents will be in the next patch? Curious what improvements were made to the Shadow tree? All your questions have been answered on our interactive talent preview!

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    priests need to be nerfed

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    Priests did get nerfed, at least as far as shields are concerned.
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    How? Instead of using talent points to make it a 15 second debuff, the spell now naturally comes with a 15 second debuff instead of the 30 seconds? It absorbs more damage now, and it is affected by +healing gear! I'd say it was a hell of a buff of PW:S.

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    the spell now naturally comes with a 15 second debuff instead of the 30 seconds
    I didn't see that anywhere - if that's true, then PW:S owns harder.
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