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Thread: What are you listening to atm?

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    No U! I'm right, you're wrong. I heart the only president ever impeached for inciting an insurrection so hard. Please debate me.
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    Get more triggered. You're pathetic / retard champion. I love nazi shit and working gloryholes.
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    I hate fags & soyboys but I love Confederacy! Yeehaw
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    Reefer Madness from back in the day has been ridiculed and discredited it seems that a lot of it's claims, while sensationalized, are proving to be accurate.

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    It's been over a decade since I lived in Atlanta. I'm not sure why it's so fond to me, but damn there is some great music out of there. I've lived in my current area for the longest I have ever lived anywhere. A good place to work I guess.

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    The three biggest states are in. NY, CA, TX, but TX barely. Then you have Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan mostly because of Eminem. But not just. I'm sure there are others, but what else sticks out? Washington and Oregon? After that.. I am a little lost. Illinois maybe. And the Carolinas.

    * Oklahoma, Flaming Lips.. but that's just one band that popped in my head
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    Another Georgia native. Tom Petty is originally from Florida.. but I didn't include that state. Why? Because.

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