Memories are part of the theme for this year’s Rumor Woods event. Reminders of the past, who has been with us, and who may no longer walk at our side. GM Xayle has been instrumental in helping me to create two items that specifically deal with this theme.

The first is an upgrade on an older item that she, myself, and GM Naos created in 2004. It is called the “slide ring”. Originally, you had to have a merchant attune the item to another player so that you could feel a warm pulse or feel that the other person had turned their ring. All slide rings that are in existence will get 2 additional verbs FLIP and RAISE. (This is not live yet)

We have decided to upgrade this item through an unlock certificate and make it tier 2. Not only that but it has been upgraded to provide memories based on the series it is from. The available series are Significant Other, Parent/Child, Sibling, BFF, Mentor/Mentee, and Brother/Sister-in-arms.

The rings are highly customizable, allowing you to add 4 of your own memories to the device. Later this week, I will start sharing some of what that means.

The band and its unlocks are available in Channeled Affection.

The second is a brand-new item called Pigments of Memory. This is a tattoo subscript that can be placed on the body via a certificate like a Flypaper Designer tattoo. And much like the aforementioned tattoos, they are highly customizable, however, this is where the similarities end.

Pigments of Memory can only ever be crafted in portrait form. However, they are highly customizable. Like the slide ring, Pigments of Memory tattoos come in series as well. The available series are Lover, Parent, Child, Sibling, and Comrade-in-Arms.

Each tattoo has five verbs that can be used to trigger memories drawn from the ink. Later this week, I will share what a certificate from each series looks like.
And now we know what Pigments of Memory tattoos are.