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    Hopefully people don't start crying, or call the police if they're part of the "defund the police" crowd, when normal citizens start defending themselves. If you don't want police, then don't get pissed off if you threaten someone's life and they fight back to ensure their safety.

    And this is AFTER the trial. Mainstream won't show you this stuff though.

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    We need more of this. Logical, hopeful, yet realistic.

    Recognizing that there are some racist people and actions that still occur, but they are not the majority - nor that the evolution of this country is founded on a principle of racism, but rather an idea that leads people and the country out of racism.

    Don't let politicians (of either side), for their personal gain, continue to distort that fact. Call out a situation when it occurs and ensure every situation is approached with rational thought and consideration to those principles - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or orientation.

    Hold individuals accountable for their actions, not all people for the actions of one.

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