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    Once upon a time, I was in the Army. There was this period called the surge. It was really about saving money. My first night flying into Ramadi, this is what I saw. Some of it is too personal to go into detail about, but one of my soldiers lost his brother there. I'm not showing the other images out of respect, but this mural was part of a memorial to my guy's brother. I don't know how you talk about going into country to see a fucking mural to a guy on your squad's brother.

    It's haunting. And it wasn't my brother. But if you see what someone looks like when they walk in on that, and they are someone you are supposed to keep safe? That sticks around a bit. He stayed safe, but I didn't know if he would at the time. This is my random story. Share yours if you like.
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    Today I got the first pair of glasses (excluding sun / ballistic glasses) in my life. Your vision doesn't stay strong forever for most people. Apparently all the years of staring at computer screens lent itself to me being near sighted. Wearing them was amazing. I felt like I was 18 again with the depth of things I was seeing.

    However, it made me feel like a time when I was on a boat decades ago. Motion sickness. Bleh. It's given me a huge headache.

    Random Story 2. I hope others share one of theirs.

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