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Thread: A Mix of Items

  1. Default A Mix of Items

    1. Mithril Framed Eisenruck

    MB: 1M
    Current Bid: 2.5M to nichelas GOING SOLD!

    You analyze your mithril framed eisenruck and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    Looking over the eisenruck and inspecting its finer details, you realize that it will always need to be "a/n (whatever)/(whatever)/eisenruck". So, the item's article and adjective CAN be changed, but "eisenruck" cannot.

    To insert a gem into the eisenruck, you must be wearing the eisenruck and holding a gem in one hand, then PUSH eisenruck.

    Note 1: The eisenruck must be worn continuously for a minimum of one day before any of its gem-eating abilities will function.

    Note 2: When you LOOK at your eisenruck, if a socket is described as "open," then it is ready to have a gem inserted into it. If a socket is described as "closed," then it is in cooldown.

    Note 3: Although it is not required by the script, this eisenruck is designed to interact with the Gnomish Repair System, which enables the wearer of a scripted Gnomish Repair Belt to alter this eisenruck's appearance to any of several "damaged" descriptions which are pre-stored in the eisenruck's extra text fields. Please keep that in mind if you request an alteration for this item. The "damaged" description texts may also need to be changed by the merchant in order to reflect the changes of your alteration.

    If you were to play with the mithril framed eisenruck, then you'd find that you can analyze, wear, remove, pinch, poke, and push it. PUSH won't do anything if the eisenruck has no gem sockets "unlocked" or added.

    This is a fully unlocked, Tier 4 eisenruck. This eisenruck is sold OTS with no tier unlocked.

    SCRIPT NAME: Gem-eater Eisenruck

    The eisenruck's left strap bears a bronze plate with:
    Two diamond sockets, which are both open.
    Two sapphire sockets, which are both open.

    You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the mithril framed eisenruck for you or deepen its pockets.

    2. a Large Treasure Sack with a blood crystal clasp

    MB: 2M
    Current Bid: 9M to nichelas GOING SOLD!

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This sack is a Bag of Holding (major) reward from the Bank Heist at Duskruin Arena. Items stored inside will count only as one item (the container). The current properties of this sack are as follows:

    Unique Item Capacity: 10 items -- carrying 0 total items, 0 unique items
    Per-Item Capacity: Up to 10 of the same item
    Max Encum of Container: 50 pounds (currently carrying 0 pounds)
    Weight Reduction: 0%

    Despite any messages below, this item cannot be lightened or deepened.

    USAGE: DROP/PUT, POKE, PULL (to remove focused item), PUSH, RAISE, RUB, TOUCH, TURN (to set focus on an item to remove).

    Important Note: GET will not work with this container.

    You get no sense of whether or not the sack may be further lightened.

    3. gleaming white Chain Hauberk with onyx accents (Voln Armor)

    MB: 5M
    Current Bid: 7.5M to wetsand GOING SOLD!

    Voln Armor
    Tier 2

    4. Sephwir Composite Bow

    MB: 1M
    Current Bid: 2M to Dendum GOING SOLD!

    Heavily sighted

    5. Cushion-Cut Blue Diamond Crown

    [B]MB: 50K
    Current Bid:

    The crown is a blank embeddable.
    It will add 2 to Arcane Symols Ranks and
    2 to Constitution Bonus and
    2 to Combat Maneuvers Ranks and
    2 to Strength Bonus.

    6. Inset Eonake Pendant

    MB: 50K
    Current Bid:

    2 ranks edged weapons

    7. Pink Dreamstone Neckchain

    MB: 50k
    Current Bid:

    4 ranks EMC

    8. Opal-inset Mithril Buckle

    MB: 50k
    Current Bid: 5M to zhagen GOING SOLD!

    4 Wisdom bonus
    1 Rank Sorcerous Lore - Demonology

    9. Inset Eonake Pendant

    MB: 50k
    Current Bid:

    2 Ranks Edged weapons

    10. Green Garnet Band

    MB: 50k
    Current Bid:

    2 Ranks Edged weapons
    1 Rank Shield use
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    I am curious - what do the gem unlocks do for the Eisenruck. I know there was a foraging one but I don't know if your gems are those
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    MB on 4 please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orthin View Post
    I am curious - what do the gem unlocks do for the Eisenruck. I know there was a foraging one but I don't know if your gems are those

    Gunkweeler says, "The socket choices are: diamond provides a five pound encumbrance reduction for one hour, ruby produces a jet of steam which removes a frostbite effect, sapphire casts the forage spell, and pearl casts water walking. Each socket has a twenty-four hour cooldown, so having a second socket of the same type provides a second use with its own twenty-four hour cooldown. Diamond socket encum reductions stack duration, but do not stack the amount of the reduction."

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