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Thread: What's this axe worth?

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    Default What's this axe worth?

    An oiled vultite axe, +25, 1 CER, 2 empty spherical depressions bundled along with a +4 mana recovery T3 orb and a +6 Dodge ranks T3 orb

    Are they better bundled as I've been planning on or sold separately?

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    Not sure people will pay much for those orbs. +6 Dodge Ranks is interesting, probably a high level requirement for anything over 5 RANKS, but people would be more interested in Bonus since it's way cheaper to recharge. The mana recovery orb is very low value overall.

    5x 2-slot Fusion, probably a few mil. I assume it's a handaxe?

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    Yep. Thanks for the quick response. Actually called a broad axe, but it's a handaxe variant.
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