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    Default Bunch of random items

    Flat prices, I've been gone for a little while so a lot of these prices are likely off. Curse at me if you want or give me an accurate appraisal of an item if it's overpriced.

    DM, find Evogen/Cadaveur in game or discord me @ allen#5476


    a green hunters cloak, 5/100 cloakworn - 2m

    a golden silk sack embellished with a bug-eyed shrunken goblin head strung from a fraying length of knotted hemp design, 2/20 beltworn - 2m

    plain garnet armband, +3 spell aim bonus, +3 dex stat, persist - 1m

    a marquise-cut blue diamond necklace, +6 dex stat, +3 health recovery, +2 AS, +1 spell aim, crumbly - 500k

    a suit of vultite-scaled brigandine, 4x 2 slot fusion - 500k

    a star emerald studded bronze ring, +7 influence stat, +4 max mana, +3 spell aiming, +1 spirit lore religion, crumbly - 500k

    a frayed leather harness, frontworn holds medium amount - 800k

    a gnarled villswood runestaff, +18 +5 spell aim bonus, +7 MIU - 250k

    an ivory-inlaid pink topaz circlet, +6 influence stat, +4 strength stat, crumbly - 250k

    a heavy villswood runestaff, +18 +11 perception bonus, +6 mana recovery, +3 intuition bonus, +7 mental lore transformation - 250k

    a scratched spiked rolaren greatshield, 4x +2 TD PERM - 250k

    a beryl-inset mithril bracer, +4 CM bonus, crumbly - 250k

    a step-cut blue starstone torc, +4 CM bonus, +1 ranged bonus, crumbly - 250k

    amber inset ora medallion, +7 disarm traps bonus, +2 first aid, crumbly - 250k

    an enruned fire opal circlet, +2 disarm trap ranks, +2 con bonus, crumbly - 250k

    a sparkling golden topaz torc, +5 influence stat, +4 stamina recovery, crumbly - 250k

    a tooled smoky topaz crown - +4 stamina recovery, +2 agility bonus, +2 ranged bonus, crumbly - 250k

    a bone-inlaid ruby ring, +5 stamina recovery, +3 ambush bonus, crumbly - 250k

    a bone-inlaid star emerald barrette, +6 max health, +3 stamina recovery, crumbly - 250k

    an etched pewter torc, +5 physical fitness bonus, +1 MOC bonus, crumbly - 250k

    polished fireleaf buckler, +27 - 150k

    a malachite and white sunstone torc, +3 influence bonus, crumbly - 100k

    a chipped vultite-studded maul, 4x fire flares - 100k
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    After selling only one item off the list, I realized prices must be too high. Cut everything down almost by half.
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