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Thread: Let's see how this turns out.

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    Default Let's see how this turns out.

    "This could open the floodgates of criminal prosecution (and civil suits) involving any number of wrong but incredibly common situations among sexual partners. Telling a prospective sex partner that you're single when you're actually married or in a relationship would seem to fit the bill. So, too, would trying to get laid by professing more interest in a future relationship than one actually has."

    "Trying to win over a date by saying you have a better job than you actually do, live in a nicer place, or went to a better school could become a crime if that date sleeps with you. Any half-truths—or even omissions—about your social or financial status could possibly count as artifice or "concealment." So could lying or concealing information about one's race, ethnicity, religion, etc."

    "Someone might try to sue or press charges based on the idea that makeup, Botox, boob jobs, and similar measures to enhance one's appearance should count as illegal artifice that negates consent. It also seems likely that people could attempt to use the law against transgender or gender non-conforming people."

    This will go well. No doubt about it.
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