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    Default Landing Player Shop

    First 65m offer gets it.

    an elegant speckled marble boutique with a dark-stained shingle roof
    3 rooms
    Lich Map ID: 374

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    I'll buy if it's still for sale.
    Discord: Dante#0391

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greng View Post
    I'll buy if it's still for sale.
    All yours - gratz! I sent you a message on Discord

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    Greng beat me to this? damit - that's top tier real estate.

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    damn I missed this too!
    Jellybeard exclaims, "Wait, who said festering taint and Jeril? No repeats!"

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    You guys trying to make me feel bad for using a logical fair price? Sounds like I could have gouged you all good! :P

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    I have one for 80 million great area richest part of landing

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    This guy.

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