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Thread: Who are the racists again?

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    Default Who are the racists again?

    "Another member of the far-Left activist group, Derek Haddad, suggested Abbas is a sellout to his race. “There are an unfortunate number of Arab (and Latino) Republicans, who use their proximity to whiteness to gain money and power, ignoring the reality that white conservatives will only ever view them as their lackeys – or mistake them for their servants.”

    "One reason supporters of HB544 oppose CRT is its rejection of the idea of a “colorblind” society where race and ethnicity are not used to judge people. Panelists like Elhuni openly conceded that point. “So here we are in 2021, we’ve finally reached a place where people are realizing that this idea of being colorblind really doesn’t work,” she said.

    "Another CRT viewpoint opponents reject is the belief that people of color cannot engage in racism and that White people cannot be victims of it. Again, the panelists confirmed that critique."

    "Cathy Albisa, Vice President of Institutional and Sectoral Change at Race Forward, said HB 544 advocates are mistaken when they criticize CRT for being racist. “They try to reduce racism to an interpersonal level — what one person might feel about another, what one person might do in relation to another. “Which makes it a lot easier to argue that White people can be victims of racism as well, which everyone here knows is utterly impossible.” Why is it impossible? “Because racism is systemic,” Albisa said."

    Understand? The logic hoops these fuckers are going through is going to end extremely badly if it continues to spread. Sadly it already is.
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