"President Joe Biden is seeking to ease a national affordable housing shortage by pushing local governments to allow apartment buildings in neighborhoods that are currently restricted to single-family homes."

1. Areas that increased zoning laws (that go against what Biden is trying to do) - "Under pressure from politically active homeowners, urban areas with the tightest restrictions in place - coastal cities including New York and San Francisco - have increased them further since 2006, according to a University of Pennsylvania survey."

So liberals have the most restrictions (typically) because they don't want "urban sprawl" into their areas with single family homes.

2. "Housing experts praised Biden's proposal, but said it may do little to influence affluent communities that have the tightest zoning laws, which have little need for federal assistance."

Understand? So your home value and price is irrelevant, because it doesn't/won't affect "affluent communities".

They should just build multiple of these then on the campus of Google. I'm sure with all that free space that they have would be great for the residents of California.