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Thread: Returning warrior from 98'

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    Default Returning warrior from 98'

    Wow ok so I've got like 10 months sabbatical and I'm going to give this a try.

    I called Simutronics corporation up and I've got everything setup. Here's my beef with the game.
    It seems to cost a lot of money to play especially to get the stuff I need for my character.

    My character is a level 61 elven warrior. What equipment does he need to play comfortably? I don't want to make the game feel harder either strictly by not having access to decent equipment.

    I got like 12 million silvers to play with.

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    Honestly, you could probably get a bunch of 5x stuff for free from someone.
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    What Gelston said.

    Additionally, just keep eyes open for deals on plain 7X armor, weapon, shield and you'd be fine.

    Items these days have a lot of bells and whistles, but good deals can be found with a bit of patience on plain 7X gear. As a warrior that is plenty to continue levelling comfortably.

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    Yeah, you could easily get 5x swcp gear for 6m (armor, weapon, shield). I can raid my lockers if you want something free.
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    welcome back. Yeah 12 mil is plenty for a decent weapon and armor and then you can go from there.

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    These days there's a cavernous delta between pretty good, usable gear, and high end gear. You should have no problem getting yourself set up with serviceable gear and have change left over. You can play for a few months, and upgrade later if you decide you want to.
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    There's some 5x swcp plate on the pshops for 5 mil, which you can probably get for 4m if you make a direct offer. Or do Roblar's 3m MBP + accessories.

    6x shields on pshops for 500k or less all day long.

    What's the weapon style?
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    Try searching the player shops you'll be spoilt for choice.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Some very helpful people gave me 5x padded armor and sword. now I need to figure out how to actually play my warrior! ha!

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    cman wspec 3 (your weapon type), cman bond 5. 150 ranks of armor training to be in full plate (if you aren't already). 90 ranks of MOC.

    berserk everything, all the time.

    rinse and repeat.

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