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Thread: items that need homes - holmes -

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    Default items that need homes - holmes -

    6x T5 ensorcelled thrown returner Eonake handaxe T3 dispel magic bane 4 CER crit
    1400 cash sold

    7x major splitting fist scythe(alot like shortswords but faster and less training)
    506 hardness
    250 cash sold

    9x metal breastplate T4 ensorcelled lightning flares 10 CER crit 6 CER damage lesser moods
    400 cash sold

    7x T5 ensorcelled Coraesine spear 5 CER old style need the disc and the inf
    1400 cash

    8x T5 medium shield
    100 cash

    gambling case that holds 100k silver coins weightlessly shoulder worn

    469 cash sold

    Trades accepted and hugs as well
    convert coins at 4.69 per
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    Returner gone

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    Some nice items, homie
    I accepted free spells during an "automated third party promotion" from "the responsible party," but I only did it once, and I didn't hunt until after they wore off

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    coin case gone

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    Splitter gone

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    breastplate gone

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