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Thread: Official ;finish-it changes and discussion

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    Default Official ;finish-it changes and discussion

    Yes that's right! Here is where we will discuss all of the wonderful things that the ;finish-it script does! I just uploaded a massive update to this script today.

    What does the ;finish-it script do? What DOESN'T it do?! It's pretty much a one-stop script for all of your needs! It does so many things automatically that even I'm surprised at what it does sometimes.

    So share your favorite highlights of the script here and let me know if there are any features you want added (which would be impossible since the script practically does everything).

    No more excuses! Stop procrastinating and ;finish-it today!
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    your april fools jokes suck
    Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelston View Post
    your april fools jokes suck
    YOUR April Fool's jokes suck!

    Also...I have no idea what you mean.
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