Hello all,

I apologize in advance if my questions are too generic, but I'm really confused about 'cleric-ing'.

I usually play squares, so the whole finger-waggler thing is new to me, but I'm interested in creating a cleric.

I see on the GSwiki guide that there are some default builds for bolters, warders, rescuers, etc. Why are they separated out like that? Is it too TP intensive to specialize in all 3? Ideally, I'd like to do all 3 (of course), but if I can't, I'd at least like to be a rescue/support cleric (raising at 18, full chrisms, fogging, etc) without gimping my attack skills too much.

Spells...how should I be training them up as I level? Should I be 2x'ing or 3x'ing this?

What about lores? What should I be picking up and in what order?

I'd like to bane the living, but still be Liabo-aligned (guess that's Charl), but I suppose I could RP a neutral or evil cleric. What spells do my alignment most affect?

If I'm missing any other obvious considerations, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!