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    The lid of this oak case has been exquisitely painted, depicting dramatic colorful scenery from one corner to the other. Two of the four sides are adorned with large, rounded enamel moons, one faintly luminescent, while the other is tinted in hazy dark hues. A half-moon, painted in muted yellow tones, is depicted on a third side. In elegant script, the words "Lornon" and "Liabo" have been inked beneath each of the orbs, while no lettering exists beneath the half-moon. The Liabo moon is completely flush with the side of the case.

    You analyze your oak case and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This oak case (also known as an Arkati Box) can have either a short or a long description, but cannot support a show, as one already exists. It must also remain some kind of container that would have a lid/top. The case is currently at Tier 2 and has the following verbs available: PUSH, POKE, TOUCH, TURN, RUB, CLEAN, GAZE, OPEN, CLOSE, LOOK and PUT. Though the case may not be unlocked further, if you win a raffle version, you could opt to have your current case adjusted to the raffle tier. Your case is aligned to: Liabo. This was first released at Ebon Gate 2014 in Go Figure, owned by Bisha.

    anyone have any suggestions on this?

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    I thin you can buy those at DM right now. Not sure the cost

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    I got it outta the treasure pile so i did not buy it

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    check the giftshop can't remember exactly

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    Thanks for all the information, i gave mine to a friend . looks like they are popping up all over now..

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