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Thread: Wanted: Playershop in Ta'Illistim

  1. Default Wanted: Playershop in Ta'Illistim

    I'd like to try my hand at merchanting and I'm looking for a playershop in the city I call home.

    Not interested in a playershop anywhere else; the family's not planning on picking up their bags and moving any time soon. What do you have, and what's your price?

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    Still looking. Thank you.

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    Still looking. Will offer a finder's fee ($50 USD via PayPal f/f or Zelle) to the person who connects me with someone who is willing to sell their Ta'Ilistim shop for a reasonable price - if and only if the deal goes through and I get myself a shop, of course.

    I'm defining "reasonable price" as not trying to gouge me because shops are hard to come by. I'm not desperate. A Landing Playershop just sold at auction for $65m. That's the busiest city in the game. Lots of foot traffic - people don't have to hire urchins to buy stuff, they can just walk there. I want a shop on the other side of the mountains where things are quieter. I'm not going to pay 100m for the privilege (and yes, someone did offer to sell at that price ... no thanks!)

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    Shop found (well, it's in Icemule trace, but it's a SHOP! WOO!)

    Going to relocate to TRADES, I still want one in Ta'Ilistim...

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