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Thread: some dm stuff

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    Default some dm stuff

    Large locker contract (100 extra spaces) 40m or $175

    6x greater fire flaring greataxe t1 ensorcell and 1 point of crit 25m flat or 30k bloodscrip

    pearl-set braided vaalin ring hunt for history ring 2m mb
    link to the song

    amnesty parchment change your society 5m flat or 6k bloodscrip

    hazy green potion 18m flat. (Fixstat)

    500k bloodscrip $4 per 1k
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    crystal-domed green scarab ring (neat loresong) 2x or 3x a day unposion 2m mb

    A gremlock whispers, "You died so easily. You need to get used to it.".

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    5m scarab ring

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    7m ring
    Player of Greys
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    The ring is switchable from undisease to unpoison, a useful item for emergencies.
    Discord: Rucil#1805

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    thank you blzrizz that is very nice

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    added a buyout for the ring. maybe it's high maybe it's just right. if it's high just keep bidding

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    going once

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    10m scarab ring

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    15m on Scarab Ring.
    Player of Greys
    Discord: Greys#6705

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