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Thread: TSC death on raise

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    Default TSC death on raise

    Felt bad for this cleric. But, I did LOL at the bold line, see below.

    Qurne gestures at you.
    Qurne suddenly looks very drained.

    You feel a sudden jolt of nothing short of the raw power of divine intervention. For some reason, you cannot bring yourself to move quite yet, but feel relieved nonetheless.

    As the last of Qurne's life energy is drained into the effort of restoring your life, he collapses!

    * Qurne drops dead at your feet!

    The light blue glow leaves Qurne.
    The dim aura fades from around Qurne.
    The brilliant luminescence fades from around Qurne.
    The powerful look leaves Qurne.
    The air calms down around Qurne.
    A white glow rushes away from Qurne.
    Qurne returns to normal color.
    Qurne becomes solid again.
    You feel the preservation on your spirit fade.
    [You have been awarded 250 Long Term Experience!]
    You recover enough strength to move again.
    * Qurne just bit the dust!

    Qurne's body decays into compost.
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    That's just a cleric not paying attention to their spirit. Don't feel bad.

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    I see this cleric asking for help on a lot of quests/bounties and general questions I think they may be relatively new so that might have been their first teachable moment.
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    The irony is humorous, though frustrating for the cleric. You get 250 LTE, they lose the xp in their bucket.

    Decades in and I still have those D'oh! moments and make mistakes like that. Especially if I'm not on my main and have a few beers in me.
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