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Thread: Discord Authorization

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    Default Discord Authorization

    The official GemStone IV Discord server now requires authorization to access most channels. To do so, please use the DISCORD verb from within the game.

    A few notes:

    * Only Premium subscribers can access #premium.
    * Only Platinum subscribers can access #platinum and must run the DISCORD verb from the Platinum instance to get setup.
    * Only Shattered subscribers can access #shattered and must run the DISCORD verb from the Shattered instance to get setup.

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    I see the GMs want to know who is who in the Discord channels and tie them to user accounts. Just another reason to avoid discord. If I have a gripe I won't try to hide behind an alt name on discord, I'll blast the GMs on the officials.
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    It's basically just so astrobro can be banned
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    When I bother to get to it, I'll tie my discord with the name of some obscure alt I own or something. I like my privacy.

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    I imagine there's some kind of restriction on f2p players. I'd check, but... eh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    I imagine there's some kind of restriction on f2p players. I'd check, but... eh
    Yeah I'd be pretty shocked if they went through all of this trouble if people could just bypass all of this by creating f2p accounts.

    It has probably been a thorn in the sides of GMs from day 1 of Discord that they don't have complete control over who joins the Discord channel like they do on the officials.

    Surprised it took them this long to clamp down on this.

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    Estild 03/14/2021

    We'll probably be moving to a system that requires account validation and forces your Server Nickname to be either your account name or one of your characters. DragonRealms has been using it for their server for the last few weeks. F2P and non-validated users would be restricted to a few channels.
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    But why??? Are that many randoms joining the gs discord that they can't control? Hackers have a lot of free time these days
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexbubba View Post
    But why???

    Wyrom tried to turn the PC into the official forums, when that didn't work he convinced a bunch of people to create a new unofficial forum where the GMs would be safe from mean words, when that failed to attract much attention he basically took over the unofficial Discord channel, when that proved to not be enough control for him they created an official Gemstone Discord server, now they want to really clamp down on who is and isn't allowed to post to the Discord server.
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    double edged sword. i know people who haven't logged in months in that server... it's equal cleaning house, and giving Estlid the power to scold you out of game if you have an opinion also...

    the suck dicks are the majority that will stay and say they have victory finally...

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    for what it's worth Methais was the first to think of cleaning house, i just figured Estlid wanted to flex and stroke his cock some more.

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