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Thread: Max unlocked Parasite Full Leather

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    Default Max unlocked Parasite Full Leather

    Does anyone know roughly how much the max unlocked parasite armor goes for. It also has the spike flares changed to plasma.

    Thank you in advance for any input one may have.

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    700k silvers per 1kbs equivalent
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derex View Post
    700k silvers per 1kbs equivalent
    How much would you sell these for in silver? I can;t lookup just the bloodscrip costs for the total appraised value

    armor 10,000
    a blue parasitic waiver 50,000
    an ebon parasitic waiver 100,000
    a green parasitic waiver 150,000

    armor flare change: ???????
    4x to 6x enchant: ???????
    Level 50 item unlock 50m silver
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